Enrollment Process

Effective January 1, 2010, the Division of Personnel accepts requests for program enrollment through the online registration system only. This means more timely notifications of enrollment status, a more user-friendly enrollment process, and easier access to enrollment reports for our customers.

NOTE:  Be sure to request and secure your supervisor’s approval prior to enrollment.


This will take you to the State of West Virginia Conference and Education Online Registration.  
Please log in by entering your user name and password.

    Remember to update your email if it has changed. This will ensure that you get registration notifications, confirmations, and reminders. To update your email, click on My Account (on the above-listed link "CLICK HERE TO ENROLL"). Next, enter your User Name and Password.  Then, select Change Your Personal Settings.
    If you have not yet used the online registration system to enroll in training, here are a few things you will need to do once you have accessed the GoSignMeUp registration page on the above-listed link "CLICK HERE TO ENROLL"):  Select the hyperlink that says “click here” to create a new account.
Below is a sample of the sign in screen:

Please login below:                 
If you are a new user,
click here
to create a new account.

You will come to a page that says:

Welcome Jane Doe.
You are presently registered in 
0 courses. 
To sign up for a class click here.

Change your personal settings

View your unofficial record

Reprint your prior Registration Confirmations

Contact the Technology Learning Center at 1.304.558.6384 with questions about the
online registration system (password resets, etc.)



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